“Loosing my mind” – Intellect and Devotion in Yoga Practice
20-22. OCTOBER

Engage from within, and find that inner source of inspiration, intuition and truth, constantly diving deeper, being on the path that is visible once we close our eyes. With this workshop, Lea invites you to 2 days of self-discovery through tools of yoga that calm the weaves of mind and body, and allow to sharpen the awareness, and with this sharpen the intellect. Sharpen intellect helps us to make wise choices, diminish doubts, and navigate through colorful reality. But first, we need to put intellect to rest, and make a distance, through rituals, non-structured movements, and tap into the domain that is reachable through sensibility, feelings and devotion.

Dance, pray, laugh, feel touched from within, and feel silence – throughout the body. Let´s use
these wonderful tools to merge our human, ecological and divine being. Om Namaha!

Friday 20/10: 18.00-21.00
Saturday 21/10: 09.00-16.00
Sunday 22/10: 09.00-12.00

Friday 18.00-21.00
Mother earth loves you – Ritual dance and yin yoga
Prepare for ritual dance; use comfortable clothes, relaxed body. We breathe, move, and finally deeply rest in gentle yin yoga poses.

Saturday 09.00-12.00
Just be – meditation
Practice with no challenge – creative vinyasa

Saturday 13.00-16.00
Meet your mind – how to sharpen intellect and let it rest – group work and dialogue
Deep rest of the mind -Relaxation

Sunday 09.00-12.00
(Girls) just wanna have fun – 2 nd series Ashtanga for every body
Loving meditation

Early bird (before 1/10): 1850 NOK
After 1/10: 2150 NOK
Per session: 600 NOK

About Lea
Lea has been drawn to Yoga wisdom since her childhood and started to teach already at age 17.
She was lucky to study with great teachers of our time, such as founder of Integral Yoga (Swami
Satchidananda) or founder of Ashtanga Yoga (P Jois and his family) and was pioneering yoga in
Norway. Well-grounded in a wide spectrum of Yoga practices, she has been teaching mainly in
Europe and Scandinavia, where she is the co-founder of Zenit Yoga, founder of Samvidyoga and
associate of Institute for Health, Croatia. Her deep interest in Yoga psychology is grounded in her academic work (NTNU) and research on Yoga. Leas energetic and compassionate being have
inspired hundreds of people on their Yoga path, and she is committed to share Yoga alchemy with
all beings that want to make a difference – starting with themselves.

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