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Forrest Yoga Workshop with Sandra Robinson 13-15/4

Sandra Robinson is coming back to Zenit in April!

This time she is teaching a workshop series that is bringing together the physical basic moves of Forrest Yoga combined with an exploration of the emotional impact.

Date: April 13-15, 2018
Friday 18.30-21.00
Saturday 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.30
Sunday 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.30

Friday 13/4
18.30-21.00: Basic Move: Active Feet

This Forrest Yoga session will focus on the basic move of activating feet. Active feet resource the body and have the potential to enable a deeper connection to the core. Active feet also help to feel into the entire body linking the whole system up internally. They are a great skill to bring the practitioner into the present moment concentrating on what is rather than moving into predictions of the future or analysis of the past. On a physical level the practice emphasises standing poses with the intent of feeling the legs and feet more.

Saturday 14/4
10.00-13.00: Basic Moves: Telescoping Ribs and Tucking Tailbone

This 3-hour session starts with calling in the four directions to set up a safe space to practice in. The following asana sequence focuses on the basic moves of telescoping the ribs and tucking the tailbone, which are two moves that help to create space in the spine, in particular the low back. Physically, the workshop is based on a Forrest Yoga backbend class. Emotional responses that are elicited through the practice are welcomed and gently encouraged, so that healing can occur.

Saturday 14/4
14.00-16.30: Basic Moves: Telescoping Ribs and Tucking Tailbone

The afternoon includes a light asana section to warm the body up and then gives room to explore assists for the basic moves of telescoping the ribs and tucking the tailbone, which will enable a deeper and more embodied understanding of those Forrest Yoga basics. Emotional reactions are explored with the understanding that we cannot separate the physical from the emotional, the energetic and the spiritual. The intent is to create a safe environment where curiosity is encouraged.

Sunday 15/4
10.00-13.00: Basic Move: Wrapping the Shoulders

This 3-hour workshop starts with the Forrest Yoga Ceremony of calling in the four directions. An intense asana session follows. On a physical level, the intent is to learn how to use the armpit and chest muscles to lift out of the shoulders to ensure the health of the joints. The Forrest Yoga basic move of wrapping the shoulders is explained in more detail and applied in an asana sequence that includes inversions and arm balances. Up and down levels are always given so that the practitioner can work to their own level of ability on that particular day. Space is given to feel what it is like to create space in the shoulder joints and support oneself being upside down.

Sunday 15/4
14.00-16.30: Basic Move: Relaxing the Neck

The workshop starts with a light asana practice to warm up the body and to prepare for hands-on assists. It includes partner work to deepen the understanding of what it is like to release the neck and how it impacts the hips. Relaxing the neck is an important and very unique Forrest Yoga move that enables a better brain-body connection and therefore promotes more feeling and in turn aliveness.

Weekend Workshop: 2550 NOK
EARLYBIRD (pay by March 23, 2018): 2050 NOK
Per Session 2,5 hours: 550 NOK
Per Session 3 hours: 650 NOK

Cancellation Policy:
After March 23, 2018: 50% refund
Cancel after April 6, 2018: no refund

Sandra is a level 5 certified Forrest Yoga teacher and a Forrest Yoga guardian, registered as a Senior Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance. She has been assisting Ana Forrest since 2009 travelling from Cape Town to Berlin. Sandra thrives on teaching workshops, retreats and continuous education for yoga teachers where space is created for students to fully immerse themselves, have room to simply be and to connect to their spirit. She also works in-depth and in small groups with Forrest Yoga teachers that come out of the Foundation Training with the specific aim to build community, to help them to be the best they can be and to teach them to hold space for themselves and their students in a compassionate way.

Her interest lies in the transformational aspects of being completely oneself and embodied, dissolving the feeling of not being good enough. When we learn to put down our armour, become vulnerable and connect to ourselves and our environment authentically, change occurs. By letting go into who we are and by trusting our intuition and the magic we all carry inside, our relationships will be transformed. In turn, open and honest relationships will have an impact on the individual. Through her extensive body psychotherapy training and through being part of a group of inspirational and courageous people during that time she has come to understand the importance of relationships. Her wish is to create community where we can stress being amongst each other and not having to compete with each other, where we can celebrate our strengths and not have to hide our limitations and where we can bring the best out of each other.


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