MOBILITY TRAINING with Lubomir Kafonek 15/6

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Workshop with Lubomir Lubomír Kafoněk from Kinesthetic skills Lubomir Kafonek on Friday 15/6 kl. 18.00-20.00 

Shortly described the mobility is our ability to move freely in one or set of joints at the same time. But how do we know that our movements are not overloading our body and joints?

In this 2-hours practical session we will dive into what is required to perform some of the main movements in yoga and our everyday life in the best possible way.

Lubomir Kafonek is educated as a physiotherapist and physiologist. He is the founder of Kinesthetic Skills-physical therapy, workshops and classes about movement awareness, mobility and performance improvements. Worked with a number of sports clubs, crossfit boxes, olympic weightlifting clubs in Norway and abroad.

He also was the Anatomy Teacher at Zenit Yoga Lærerutdanning (Zenit yoga Teacher Education) in 2013/14.

We are so happy to have Lubomir back at Zenit!  Join us for this workshop, it will be very useful and educational.

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