Zenit Yoga is one of the largest and oldest yoga studios in Norway. Zenit started out in 1992, founded by Lea Loncar, and has grown to house hundreds of students per week, led by many dedicated teachers. Our teachers have different approaches and styles, but most are interested in conveying a mix of flow, technique and minful presence.

We offer weekly classes, shorter courses, workshops, teacher trainings, yoga vacations and more. We seek to be a center for knowledge, situated between ancient tradition and modern science. 



Zenit Yoga is centrally placed at Nedre Bakklandet, right nearby from Solsiden, the lovely Bakklandet, and close to several hotels near the river Nidelva.

Our adress is: 

Nedre Bakklandet 58

7014 Trondheim, Norway

We do not have administrative openinghours, but you can get guidance from our staff. We usually have staff at our frontdesk in the afternoons around the classes, but you can also ask your teacher to guide you to the right information.

You can reach us via email: info at zenityoga.no or via phone:+47 473 65 625


You will find our weekly schedule under the bar: TIMEPLAN.

Please note that some of the classes listed at the scedule are marked as 5-ukers kurs or bolkekurs. This means that these courses are shorter, and have their own sign-up and a different payment. You will find these classes under PÅMELDING.

The easiest way to get an overview of our workshops is by going straight straight to PÅMELDING to find the different courses.


Most of our teachers teach in norwegian, but if you let them know at the start of the class, they will translate to you. And you are also always welcome to ask for explanations in the classrom.

Our teachers Alison and Ebru teach some of their classes in english. See the TIMEPLAN for when they are teaching, or email us to find out.



We have a semester-based sign-up via the website for our classes, but we are also open for drop in. Drop-in is done without any signing up for the class, just show up, pay and attend.

A drop-in costs 250 nok for one class, but we also offer a drop-in based week-pass (7 days from buy-date) for 750 nok if you plan on going several times a week.


Either a week-pass (750 nok), or a punchingcard (klippekort) might work for you. Both the week-pass and the punchingcards are drop-in based, meaning that you attend the classes that works best for you, without signing up beforehand.

The punchingcards are either 6 or 12 classes and are valid a year after the date you buy them. The price for six classes are 1450 nok, and the 12 classes are 2500 nok.


You will find our weekly schedule under TIMEPLAN. from there, you can pick the class(es) you want to sign up for, and you are sent to the PÅMELDING-page where you are guided through to checkout.

It is also possible to ask for sign-up assistance via email or pay and book your place when you come to Zenit, where you will get assistance at the frontdesk.

If you sign up for the semester, you are asked to pick the classes you will most likely attend more often, but you can alternate between classes if you prefer. We do recommend following a class through the semester to make sure you get the best possible leraning outcome, especially if you are a beginner to yoga. If you have experience with yoga, feel free to do what suits you best.


We have different memberships with discounts for students/disabled/seniors. The memberships goes per semester: 

Once-a-week: 2950 nok

(discount: 2450 nok)

Twice-a-week: 3850 nok

(discount: 3050 nok)

Unlimited per week: 4550 nok

(discount: 3550 nok)

All the prices listed above are per spring 2019. If you have other questions regarding memberships, prices and signing up, please contact us, either via email, phone, or show up at Zenit a bit before the class you want to attend.


If you signed up online, we’ll fix a membership-card/punchingcard that is filed in the cardfile at the countertop. You’ll find your card listed under your surname, and you bring it along with you into the yogaroom and place it at the front of your mat. The teacher gathers the cards, registers your attendance and then you will find your cars in the cardfile the next time you show up.

If you are at Zenit for a drop-in, you simply show up, we do not registrate drop-ins beforehand. Usually we have space, but members do have the first right for space.

We have a codelock at the door at the second floor. The door is usually open afternoons and nights, and one of our karmayogi-staff will welcome you.


Our yogaspace is at the second floor with several stairs and unfortunately no elevator. We have two yogarooms, one larger with room for 20-30 people, and one smaller, acessed through the larger yogaroom, with room for 10 -15 people. Make sure you note what room your class is scheduled in, as some classes go paralell. The larger room is called shivasalen, the smaller room is shaktisalen. This is highlighted at our online schedule with colors: green in the large room, yellow in the small room.

We have three newly renovated changing rooms with showers and storage. The two larger changing rooms are for men and women, but we wish all gender identities welcome. the smaller changig room is for our staff, but can also serve as a private changing room if you prefer. We also have two toilets separated from the changing rooms.

We have a large variety of equipment in both our yogarooms, that is free for all to use when attending classes: mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps and more. If you want to bring your own equipment, please feel free to do so.


Please inform your teacher about any potential injuries, previous operations etc. that might affect you in the yogaroom. Let us know if you have any mental issues so that we may guide you in the best possible way.

To attend our classes you need to be in a normally good shape, both physically and mentally, and altough we will do our best to assist you and guide you, you have a responsibility to take in to account your preexisting conditions, listen to your body and make adjustments accordingly.

Since we share our equipment, and practice barefoot, we ask you to consider your personal hygiene, and wash your hands, feet and face. Do not wear strong perfumes or smoke directly before coming in to class. If you are acutely sick, have a flu or the like, we ask you to take care of your health and do not come to class.

At some of the classes you will find that the teachers go around and guide you in the poses by touch. Please remember that if this is not for you, you can opt out of physical assistance.



We want to know you before we hire you. This means that we’d love for you to attend classes and show your face at events at Zenit so we can get a better idea of what you are into, how you approach yoga, both in your practice and in your teaching. We are prone to prefer teachers that can balance between mindfulness, flow and anatomical technique so we can offer the best to our students.

Send us an email and we’ll chat!


Send us a description of what you have in mind + information about you via email! We plan workshops etc. well ahead.

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