After many years of basic home practice, Ebru started to attend yoga classes in 2012 here at Zenit. She gradually became so immersed in yoga that she ended up becoming a yoga teacher herself in 2014. Originally a psychologist and researcher trained in Work and Organisational Psychology, she enjoyed teaching for many years at different universities, and constantly borrows from this experience in her career as a yoga teacher. She currently teaches yoga at NTNU-Sit and now at Zenit, and not-often-enough writes about her yoga journey on her blog: https://royogaro.wordpress.com

Ebru experiences yoga as a medium where self-awareness, reflection and self-acceptance are central. She found that yoga led her to move from a more sedentary lifestyle where exercise was an obligation, to an active one where she now enjoys various forms of exercise for the joy of it, such as swimming and running. Her teaching reflects this experience through a focus on breathing, biomechanics, and overall movement science. She believes yoga should always be fun and playful in an exploration of the needs and the limits of the body and the mind.

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