Mobilitet / Mobility Training (oppstart 2.4!)

With Lubomir Kafonek

8-weeks course in Mobility Training: Starting 28. August 2018
Tuesdays at 18.15-19.45.
Duration: 8 weeks. Last Tuesday 23. October (There is no class on Tuesday 9/10).
Language and instruction willl be in English, but Lubomir speaks and understands Norwegian as well.

Mobilitets-trening 8-ukers kurs: oppstart 28. August 2018
Tirsdager kl 18.15-19.45
Varighet: 8 uker. Siste gang tirsdag 23. oktober (tirsdag 9/10 utgår pga høstferie).
Dette kurset vil være på engelsk, men Lubomir forstår og snakker norsk også.

This 8 classes hands-on program is covering whole body and is designed to give you understanding of how to optimise your movements.

Mobility is our ability to move freely in one or set of joints while having full control, coordination and strength within required range of motion.

But how do we know that our movements are not overloading our joints and body? How to evaluate and adjust possible changes?

Lubomir will challenge participants in various tests and exercises for body-awareness, to find out where the weaknesses lie and show the possible compensations.


The “MobilIty Course is” filled with playful routines, various techniques and concepts for every major joint in human body with the aim to:

Promote general well-being
Increase body awareness
Improve physical function and performance
Strengthen body and joints
Optimise joint range of motion
Widen movement repertoire
Compensate disbalances
Prevent injuries
Increase training longevity

Each class will last 1,5 hour starting with a brief theoretical lecture followed by a practical part.

Lubomir will answer any questions along the way and educate you on interesting facts about your body!

The concepts and techniques used in the classes are gathered from different areas like physiotherapy, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, olympic weightlifting/athletics dance++.

The course is open to anyone interested in body work, regardless of age or sports field. You do not have to be doing any specific activity at all.

About Lubomir Kafonek

Educated as a physiotherapist and physiologist

Founder of Kinesthetic Skills-physical therapy, workshops and classes about movement awareness, mobility and performance improvements

Worked with a number of sports clubs, crossfit boxes, olympic weightlifting clubs in Norway and abroad.

Anatomy teacher at Zenit Yoga Lærerutdanning (Zenit yoga Teacher Education) in 2013/14.

Sports past: Olympic weightlifting, Aikido, Athletics

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