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Mindful Strength Intensive w/Kathryn Bruni-Young

We are so happy that Kathryn is coming back to Zenit! Join us for a 4 days Mindful Strength Intensive with Kathryn Bruni-Young, for teachers and dedicated students.

DATES: 29 August - 1 September 2019
From 08.30-17.30 every day. There will be 1 hour lunch break.

This intensive is part of our advanced teacher training (ZYL300) 2019/2020, but we will fill up the available spaces with people not signed up for the whole TT. So - there is limited spaces available!

The intensive focus on the vast importance of strength training in our modern society. How strength can be paired with all other movement and yoga practices. Upper body, lower body and core strength, and many exercises! How to find mindfulness in movement and strength. Why sensitivity is important for inclusivity. Building strength progressions for all levels, ages and sizes. Movement variety, outdoor and indoor. Participants will learn many movements and exercises to cultivate strength, plus accessible variations for all ages and levels. As a group we will unpack and debunk myths around core strength, breathing, mobility, tissue adaptation, injuries and how to practice “yoga”. Class sequencing, structure, and cueing are also covered topics.

About Mindful Strength and Kathryn Bruni-Young
Kathryn Bruni-Young has been teaching yoga and movement for over a decade. Her love of physicality and movement led her to Ashtanga yoga, which she practiced with her mother and Richard Freeman during her teen years. In her early twenties Kathryn experienced a couple of injuries, which began her lifelong exploration of how the body works, and how strength, and mindfulness together can be healing. She worked with movement teacher Ido Portal, which began her journey into strength and functional movement. Mindful Strength is the culmination of years of training in different fields including joint preparation, biomechanics, mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, weightlifting, bodyweight strength, Pilates, and yoga.

Kathryn is passionate about helping her students feel more confident in their bodies, and more embodied in their practice. Her weekend workshop is accessible to different types of practitioners, and different levels. Time will be spent on the floor, practicing, talking about key principles, breaking movements down into details, and playful creative movement. Kathryn is the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, she runs a small studio in the countryside of Ontario, she teaches all over the world, and is in the process of writing a book.

Read more about Kathryn Bruni-Young here:

What to Bring
- Notebook, writing materials
- Snacks, water

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